A Family In Need:

Families Facing Cancer

Empowering families in their courageous fight against cancer

A Family In Need is dedicated to supporting families dealing with the overwhelming challenges of cancer, regardless of who in the family is affected. We are focused on easing the financial and emotional burdens that accompany a cancer diagnosis. Recognizing that cancer impacts every member of the family, our support extends to covering a variety of expenses. This includes groceries, home bills, and medical bills, with a particular emphasis on the unique circumstances of each individual family. For those grappling with the high costs of medical treatment, including transportation and accommodation during hospital stays, A Family In Need is here to offer a compassionate helping hand.

Moreover, we celebrate the milestones of remission and overcoming cancer by providing much needed and restorative family vacations. To honor these moments, we offer restorative family vacations, designed to foster joy and create precious, lasting memories. These vacations are a way to celebrate resilience and recovery, providing a much-needed respite and time for family bonding. In addition, we host a seasonal toy drive to foster cheer and joy within families struggling with the realities of childhood cancer.

The support of our local communities is crucial in this endeavor. Every contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant difference in the lives of these families. At A Family In Need, we believe that a little bit of help goes a long way in providing relief and hope to families facing the challenges of cancer. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and offer a pillar of strength to lean on during these trying times.



We take care of your bills, including medical expenses, rent/mortgage, insurance, utilities, and more so you can focus on your health. We lift financial burdens during this tough time.


Healthy and nutritious food is crucial for cancer patients. We provide access to wholesome meals and groceries, alleviating financial stress and ensuring proper nourishment during treatment.


We offer rejuvenating retreats for individuals in cancer treatment and survivors, providing a break from challenges, fostering joy, and honoring resilience. These getaways create lasting memories and offer opportunities for connections with loved ones during the journey.

Hotel Stays

Cancer patients and families face costly travel and exertion for treatment. Staying closer to treatment can ease stress and expenses associated with frequent travel. Covering hotel costs can provide relief.


We provide assistance in transportation to crucial cancer appointments for patients and their loved ones. We're committed to helping those in need and believe that no one should have to choose between their health and access to transportation.

Toy Drive

Our organization hosts an annual toy drive during the holidays to support families going through childhood cancer. We collect and distribute new toys to bring joy and ease financial burden.

Apply For Assistance

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