A Family In Need:

Support for Individuals with Autism and Their Families

Empowering Through Support and Funding

Recognizing the vital role of specialized services in promoting acceptance and integration, we are dedicating resources to empower those at the forefront of this important work. As A Family In Need embarks on this journey to deepen our impact, we invite you to join us. Together, we can extend the reach of our
support, fostering an environment where individuals with autism are not only accepted but embraced for their unique contributions to our community.

Funding for Organizations:

We are committed to financially supporting other organizations that work tirelessly to raise autism awareness. By providing these funds, we aim to bolster their efforts in education, acceptance, and advocacy, amplifying the impact of our collective mission. In doing so, we strive to foster a more inclusive and understanding society for individuals with autism and their families.

Assistance for Families:

Understanding the unique challenges faced by families, A Family In Need is stepping forward to provide financial assistance for essential
services. This includes funding for occupational and physical therapy, educational programs, support and peer groups, and other specific needs that underline our dedication to promoting acceptance and integration.

How You Can Contribute

Our ambitious goals require the support and generosity of our community.


Here’s how you can help make a significant difference:



Your donations directly contribute to our ability to offer financial support to families and organizations. Every contribution brings us closer to a world of greater acceptance and support.

Spread the Word

Help us grow our community of support by sharing our mission with your network. Awareness is the first step towards change.

Apply For Assistance

To determine eligibility for an assistance, please fill out the form below. Every application will be reviewed by the board directly and taken into consideration.

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